The Hidden Gem

One of my very favorite places to visit for amazing food and historic culture is the beautiful country of Italy. It is the home of many of my favorite things, specifically my “favorite bite” at a restaurant called La Marinella.

It turns out that the best meals we ate in Italy were the unplanned and unexpected ones…the ones that a tourist wouldn’t be able to find on a map. My friends and I got ourselves lost in this new city, only to be found by this hidden gem of a restaurant. We stumbled upon La Marinella as we were exploring the cozy streets of Sorrento.  As we entered the restaurant, we were all greeted by a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea (as well as complimentary champagne from the wait staff).  We all perused the menu as we admired the breathtaking view in front of us. My eyes flew to the Sea Bass dish.  I am a fish lover (sea bass especially), so I quickly made up my mind.  I impatiently waited for the others to select their dishes, assuming I was going to taste a spectacular meal, but not knowing I would have one of my “favorite bites”. I ordered a crisp, light glass of pinot grigio to compliment my fish entree, but not to overpower or take over the flavors of the dish.

Once this dish was put in front of me, I was immediately eating with my eyes.  It was so aesthetically pleasing and I couldn’t wait to dive in. This dish sent my tastebuds on a flavor journey! The buttery sea bass, so light and natural was sitting in a beautifully seasoned broth, salted to perfection.  The beans, potatoes and tomatoes that accompanied the white fish, added a depth of flavor and a simple, yet delicious heartiness to the dish.  All of the separate ingredients worked in harmony together. They each made each other stand out and shine. 

As I finished my dish, I tried to savor my last few bites. Closing my eyes, I let my tastebuds take over… 

This experience has fueled my love for food and finding other unique, “off the map” hidden gems. I did not know I was going to have one of my favorite bites on this day, but that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?


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