Oyster House Brewing Co.

Another day another food adventure! Asheville, North Carolina is very well known for their successful, unique breweries as well as their level of high quality restaurants.

Oyster House Brewing Company is a short drive away from the main strip of popular restaurants on Biltmore Avenue. It was well worth the drive. Upon walking inside, the homey quality of the restaurant/ brewery stood out. This place had a “local joint” vibe that drew me in. There were many large groups of  friends and families having a happy hour or a casual dinner at the tables nearby me.

I ordered a blonde ale at the bar and settled onto one of their old, brown leather couches. The beer hit me with lovely floral and fruity notes.  It was one of those beers that was going to go down too fast 😉 On the coffee table in front of me, there were a couple stacks of old board games. I chose scrabble for my husband and I to play as we sipped our crisp, cold drafts. I love the concept of being out at a brewery, but also feeling like I am in the comfort of my own family room playing a board game.

The scrabble game was on and we were onto beer number two when we ordered a dozen oysters to share. After seeing many trays of oysters pass us to be delivered to other parties… being seafood lovers,we knew we had to taste them. The waitress recommended their gulf coast oysters from Louisiana. The oysters had a lovely, briney texture and tasted of salt from the ocean.  I added lemon juice to brighten up my oysyers and a bit of horse radish to amp up the spice. My husband tipped each oyster in his mouth straight from the shell- no extras needed. Those oysters were gone quickly, and we had to order another dozen! 

The oysters, beer and overall atmosphere at Oyster House Brewing Company was something special. It was a warm and welcoming environment that had me planning my next visit as we left. 


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