The Rook

Right on Vine Street in the heart of OTR in Cincinnati, Ohio there is a unique bar called The Rook- Cincinnati Game Board Parlor. This bar is known for its whimsical drinks, unique atmosphere and of course for their game board collection! 

As I walked into the bar with my family, my eyes were immediately drawn to the bookshelves full of board games. What a unique addition to bring people together at the bar! The cocktail menu was full of unique drink combinations- many named after board games that reminded me of my childhood. 

The cocktail pictured is called the “Rock Em Sock Em Rita” which is a margarita with pop rocks! Such a fun and playful twist to the traditional margarita… and it was delicious! Other notable drinks included: 

-“Pretty Pretty Princess”: champagne drink with amaretto and a candy bracelet wrapped around the glass

-“Hickory Smoked Old Fashion”: bourbon, hickory syrup, bitters, orange twist AND is smoked to order! This drink is served in a closed mason jar. When you twist the lid open, smoke seeps out of the glass. The smokey addition adds so much depth and flavor to the bourbon. It’s a “must try”! 

As we enjoyed our cocktails, we pulled Jenga from the large game wall and embraced our inner child. If you’re in Cincinnati and want to take a trip back to your childhood- The Rook is the place to go!


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