Bakersfield- a hip restaurant in downtown OTR in Cincinnati, Ohio is a must visit! If you’re a Food Network fan you may have seen this restaurant featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Though the restaurant doesn’t necessarily fall under any of those categories, they deserved the recognition! It’s almost always a packed house…With old black and white movies on televisions around the bar and Johnny Cash on the stereo, the atmosphere really is one of a kind. Bakersfield is most well known for their bold and authentic Mexican tacos, as well as their tequila and whiskey selection. With over 100 of each to choose from, no one leaves Bakersfield thirsty 😜 I visited for happy hour and ordered a pitcher of their plain margaritas. My favorite tacos are the fish, hongos and the short rib! But you can’t go wrong with any! 😋The food is well balanced and very tasty! If you’re up for some appetizers, the guacamole and the queso are great choices! Check out this popular hot spot!


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