A Little Taste of Heaven 

My dad and I love to have spontaneous lunch dates to catch up over great food and drinks. One of our favorite Cincinnati spots is E+O in Hyde Park Square. We walked on over after grabbing a beer at Cock and Bull, to check out their lunch menu. The great thing about their menu is that it’s so diverse! From tacos, to sushi, to steak bowls…they’ve most likely got your cravings covered! 

No matter what, we always have to get their famous brussel sprout salad to start. It’s a large bowl, big enough for 2 to share and easily the most ordered item on their menu. Let me just tell you.. this baby is a little taste of heaven. This is a MUST order when you visit. Made with fried kale, chiles, carrots, cabbage, shrimp and their deliciously light dressing- this dish won’t let you down! The crunch of the kale, simplicity of the shrimp and the sweet yet slightly acidic dressing makes for the perfect bite! It keeps us coming back! 

This place has great food and a beautiful environment to go with it. With lots of greenery, natural wood, and simple decorative touches, your experience is enhanced that much more.


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