Out of The Box 

Last night I went to dinner with my family at a restaurant called Brown Dog Cafe in Blue Ash, Ohio. This place really had me intrigued when I first saw the menu…they have many different cuts of meat that I have never tried before and they put a contemporary spin on their dishes. They appeared to be different than any place I had been, which excited me. The restaurant is connected to Summit Park. Being that it was such a beautiful evening, many families were hanging out on the green space, throwing frisbees and enjoying the weather and live music. I ordered my glass of wine and started deciding if I was going to be adventurous this evening. The menu included dishes such as caffeinated wild boar, double duck, pheasant sausage, venison and more! However, when I saw the salmon dish I knew it was for me! Mixed with Asian flavors (my favorite as you know😉), I decided that would be my order. The salmon (pictured above) came with stir fried Asian vegetables, sautéed shrimp, a jasmine coconut rice cake, green curry sauce and a maple ginger miso glaze. The salmon was so succulent and juicy with a ton of flavor and a nice crispy, caramelized skin. I would order this dish again in a heart beat! I saw some of the more “exotic” dishes pass me as I sat at my booth, and decided next time I would go off the beaten path. Even though some dishes seemed a bit unusual, you know their chef is breaking the norm and creating really delicious food with some unique ingredients! If your in the area I highly recommend checking them out!! 


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