Cheeseburger in Paradise 

What’s better than a good old fashioned burger and fries? A good old fashioned burger and fries on a rooftop bar overlooking Long Beach, California-that’s what! As we were approaching Bo-Beau Kitchen + Rooftap, we heard “More Than A Feeling” by Boston playing from the speakers, and that was confirmation enough that we were going to have a good time. We walked into the restaurant’s main floor which was a fancy, comfortable dining area with a cool bar and a couple of cozy fireplace nooks. It seemed like a romantic spot, but it was such a nice night that we decided to climb the stairs up to the rooftop bar. Once we got to the top floor we immediately saw a shelf of board games, a huge beer garden and people playing some “competitive” foosball and ping pong. As we turned the corner, we saw many community style picnic tables, as well as bar seating that overlooked the city. We chose to sit at the bar table and grabbed scrabble on our way over. We ordered some happy hour margaritas and oysters to start us off. I was deciding on what to order, when I saw the table next to us receive their burgers and my mind was made up. It was the perfect atmosphere for a big juicy burger. This burger came with the works… bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, garlic aioli, a pickle garnish and a toasted bun. The burger was cooked medium and was super juicy and flavorful in itself. The side of fries were golden and crispy. They came with a side of more aioli and I couldn’t stop dipping the fries into it. It all was delicious and addicting. The best part was 1. That I had half a burger leftover for lunch and 2. That I won scrabble 😜 Check this place out when you’re in the area! It’s a super cool spot. 


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