The Roe 

Hello Long Beach, California! Before this trip, I tried to do my restaurant research. I came across this restaurant called Roe Seafood. They had great reviews and the menu looked delicious! I saw they had a great happy hour menu (that included $2 oysters😍), a really neat scenery with trees growing inside the restaurant, lots of natural colors and streaming lights. They had an outdoor patio as well, which is where we chose to sit. We started with some happy hour cocktails (dirty martini for me, and bourbon for my husband) with some oysters! The oysters were super fresh, and tasted of the ocean. We next ordered a spicy scallop ceviche, and for my main course I ordered this beautiful sea bass over top a pea purée with diced bacon and potatoes. When it came out, I immediately gave them an A+ for presentation. This colorful and neat plate of food got me even more excited to dig in! This fish was delicious with a crispy skin that soaked up some lemon juice for a nice acidic bite. The fish was flakey and tasty! The soft pea purée underneath paired very well with the acidity of the fish. The bacon lended a salty flavor to the dish, and the potatoes added a starchy element to the plate that was welcomed. Overall this was a very pleasant meal and we had a great experience here!


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