Spicy Asian Gazpacho

Whenever I have an assortment of vegetables in my fridge/ pantry and I’m afraid they’ll go bad soon, many times my solution is to add them all into a gazpacho! The combination of vegetables can create a healthy, flavor packed, cold soup! The vegetables I included into my gazpacho were cucumbers (peeled), tomatoes, sweet onion, Serrano pepper, Bok Choy, radicchio, cabbage, fresh garlic cloves, basil leaves and fresh grated ginger. Since all of the ingredients are going to be blended, you can simply cube them and toss them all into a bowl. The key is to let these sit and “marinate” with each other for a while. Their vegetable juices will start to release, which makes a great liquid base for the soup. I decided that with my slightly Asian vegetable profile, I would embrace this and give my gazpacho some more Asian flair. I slowly added my vegetables into my vitamix blender with some water, the vegetable juices, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar. I let all of the ingredients come together before I continued with my seasoning. I added some Sriracha, honey, salt and pepper to taste. I blended and tasted until the gazpacho was just right. I let this chill in the fridge for a half hour before serving. I topped my bowl off with some sesame seeds, red pepper flakes and parsley. This is an easy homemade dish that is healthy, extremely flavorful and doesn’t let those veggies go to waste!


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