Bippity Boppity Bacon Brussels

While we’re on the topic of 4 ingredient dishes and a perfect balance of flavors… this was a side dish for tonight’s “somewhat-random-use-what’s-left-in-my-pantry-and-fridge” kind of meal 😉 (Yes I am aware that mango salsa and brussels dont necessarily make a harmonious meal- but here we are 😂). Okay okay on with the recipe, Andrea. We have Brussels sprouts roasted with chopped green onion, bacon, honey and balsamic vinegar- salt and pepper optional or “to taste”. No exact measurements are needed, just make sure to toss the brussels so they have a coating of honey and balsamic. I added the green onion and cooked the veggies in my oven for 20 minutes at 425 degrees. While this cooks, I crisped up my bacon stove top in a sauté pan and added it to the mixture before serving (no judgement if you want to use quick microwaveable bacon or bacon bits- let’s face it, bacon is bacon 😋.. but stove top will give you the best caramelization and depth of flavor!) ~Sweet honey 🍯, acidic vinegar, bite of green onion, bitter brussel sprouts, salty bacon 🥓~ Just YUM 


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