Watermelon Pizza- As Easy as Pie

Tonights meal called for a refreshing “watermelon pizza” on this hot summer day. Slice a whole watermelon into triangles,add some feta, mint and balsamic vinegar and you have yourself a delicious appetizer or healthy snack!


Tapas At Home

When I am inspired in the kitchen, I usually have so many ideas in my head and can’t always pick just one recipe to try.  I’ve decided that I don’t always have to! It’s fun to have a couple different flavor profiles on the plate sometimes. Therefore, we have a couple of homemade tapas made by yours truly. I have created…

– a cucumber, dill , shrimp salad 

-a watermelon, basil, mint, feta and balsamic salad 

– An arugula, pecorino, blackberry salad with lemon/ olive oil dressing

I’m always trying to create fresh and easy dishes that can spice up my week!