Restaurant L-3rd Course

Are you keeping up with my Restaurant L experience? Check my last two posts for details! Here is our 3rd amazing course from this fine dining restaurant…American red snapper with steamed, artichoke, pine nuts, smoked paprika oil, lemongrass ginger relish. This was a juicy, succulent, flakey fish with so much flavor from the broth and relish topping. Get ready seafood fans, this one is just mouthwatering! 

Restaurant L- 1st Course

On a recent trip to Jean Robert’s new Cincinnati restaurant called “Restaurant L”, my husband and I were spoiled with some of the most luxurious, and thoughtful dishes- each one better than the last. Additionally, they paired each dish with a tasting of wine to help enhance our dining experience. Throughout the day I will be posting some of our favorite courses from the meal!
Our dinner started immediately as we sat down and were given glasses of champagne with an ambouche of duck confit before ordering. (Your 3 course dinner quickly turns into 5 with the extra surprises they treat you with). We chose to order from the Prix Fixe menu. The above dish was brought out to us first. This is their “duo of soup”. On the left a warm cauliflower soup with a tempura asparagus, contrasted on the right with a cold asparagus soup topped with truffle brioche croutons. Both soups were topped with a dollop of cream. These gourmet soups were bursting with rich, fresh flavors. My tastebuds willing my brain to get another bite faster… Stay tuned for more amazing courses from Restaurant L.  

The Roe 

Hello Long Beach, California! Before this trip, I tried to do my restaurant research. I came across this restaurant called Roe Seafood. They had great reviews and the menu looked delicious! I saw they had a great happy hour menu (that included $2 oysters😍), a really neat scenery with trees growing inside the restaurant, lots of natural colors and streaming lights. They had an outdoor patio as well, which is where we chose to sit. We started with some happy hour cocktails (dirty martini for me, and bourbon for my husband) with some oysters! The oysters were super fresh, and tasted of the ocean. We next ordered a spicy scallop ceviche, and for my main course I ordered this beautiful sea bass over top a pea purée with diced bacon and potatoes. When it came out, I immediately gave them an A+ for presentation. This colorful and neat plate of food got me even more excited to dig in! This fish was delicious with a crispy skin that soaked up some lemon juice for a nice acidic bite. The fish was flakey and tasty! The soft pea purée underneath paired very well with the acidity of the fish. The bacon lended a salty flavor to the dish, and the potatoes added a starchy element to the plate that was welcomed. Overall this was a very pleasant meal and we had a great experience here!

Out of The Box 

Last night I went to dinner with my family at a restaurant called Brown Dog Cafe in Blue Ash, Ohio. This place really had me intrigued when I first saw the menu…they have many different cuts of meat that I have never tried before and they put a contemporary spin on their dishes. They appeared to be different than any place I had been, which excited me. The restaurant is connected to Summit Park. Being that it was such a beautiful evening, many families were hanging out on the green space, throwing frisbees and enjoying the weather and live music. I ordered my glass of wine and started deciding if I was going to be adventurous this evening. The menu included dishes such as caffeinated wild boar, double duck, pheasant sausage, venison and more! However, when I saw the salmon dish I knew it was for me! Mixed with Asian flavors (my favorite as you know😉), I decided that would be my order. The salmon (pictured above) came with stir fried Asian vegetables, sautéed shrimp, a jasmine coconut rice cake, green curry sauce and a maple ginger miso glaze. The salmon was so succulent and juicy with a ton of flavor and a nice crispy, caramelized skin. I would order this dish again in a heart beat! I saw some of the more “exotic” dishes pass me as I sat at my booth, and decided next time I would go off the beaten path. Even though some dishes seemed a bit unusual, you know their chef is breaking the norm and creating really delicious food with some unique ingredients! If your in the area I highly recommend checking them out!! 

E+O Part Two

This “Lomi Lomi” Ceviche from E+O in Hyde Park Cincinnati is just as tasty as it looks! This dish is packed with fresh flavors and ingredients such as salmon, tomatoes, scallions, ginger and pineapple. The fried seaweed chip on the side adds the perfect crunchy bite. The atmosphere is just as fresh as the food with all of the wood accents, natural colors and greenery. It is even known to have the largest living wall in Cincinnati. You can’t go wrong with anything on their diverse menu! Check them out!